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Company Profile

Company Profile

Notably,using our efficient and comprehensive logistics network,we 

canensure all goods,from perishable to time sensitive items,will arrive 

attheir destinations in the same condition they were packaged in.


Currently,our headquarters is located in shanghai and we have branch

offices in several cities in mainland China,including Guangzhou,Fzhou,

Xiamen,Suzhuo,and many others.We also have a branch office located

in Los Angeles and HongKong.Over100emplyees form the human capital

of this company.All of which are well-experienced and very responsible.

Ouroffices are fully computerized and possess access to equipment and 

vehiclesneeded for the loading and transport processing.


Customer satisfaction is our nuber one priority.We treat all customers

freight with extra special care tu ensure the shipment is properly handled、

from the time it is picked up to the time it is delicered.


Relying on a flexible approachm,professionalism,wise leadership,and the

joint effort of all our employee,we will continue to grow,synchronizd to

the developing needs of our customers.With more than 10 years in the

global freight industry developing close relations with international airlines,

we believe that our professional team is the team to handle all your business

needs in a manner that exceeds expectations and delivers results.

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